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When I have a play for my regular clients on a feature game (e.g. MNF, Thursday CFB, Playoffs, Bowls) you can purchase it by clicking the link below:


Q: I Can't Get Any Picks

A: Enter your email address and password (selected when you registered) in the corresponding areas of the "Member Login" fields in the top left corner of any page on the site.

If you're logged in and don't see picks it's either because there aren't any at present or your "prescription" has expired.

Remember that I have no fixed schedule for releasing picks; instead, I upload them and send clients an email notification as soon as I make them.

The message "Sorry, your prescription is expired" means my computerized client management system has you as inactive. If you think this is in error, contact me immediately.

Q: "Do you still bet your picks on a daily basis or do you basically make your $$$ on selling the picks?" Martell Simons Las Vegas, NV

A: I bet every pick I release to my clients. Although my client base has grown steadily since I "went public" in 2005, I still make more money off my own bets. I don't need to sell picks.

Q: What other books do you recommend?

A: Some readers of my book have asked for advice regarding other sports betting books. Here are my favorites ...

Beat the Sports Books - Dan Gordon

College Football Handicapping - Trace Fields

Basketball Handicapping - Mike Lee

Betting Baseball - Michael Murray

Money Management:
Win More, Lose Less - Don Peszynski
Sports Betting on the Edge - John Tarbet

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