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What Are You Up Against?

TIME and EXPERIENCE: The Rule of 10?

Researchers studying experts in many fields find an interesting consistency. Regardless of the area, it takes about 10 years and 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert. Once you become a sports betting expert you also need the time to apply what you know to the games at hand. Have you put in the time and do you now have the time?

Like having an accountant do your taxes or consulting a financial planner regarding your investments, it would be quite reasonable to consider hiring an expert to recommend your sports bets.

MONEY MANAGEMENT: Pick winners and lose money?

Despite a winning methodology, over-betting your "edge" will lose you money. For example, suppose you develop an expertise of 60% winners in the NFL and bet accordingly at a fixed % of bankroll for a 100 bet season but get a little unlucky and only hit 55% that year. The result?... a decrease in your bankroll to only 69% of what you started with. Optimum money management means taking advantage of the unique relationship between your winning expertise and your working bankroll in the best way.

Your sports betting expert ought to be telling you how to do the same.

DECISION-MAKING: The Key to the Process

Every good bet comes down to identifying something about a game that has not been properly incorporated into the line - thereby putting probability in your favor. You will not win every time, but your decisions can consistently put the odds on your side. However, even the very best sports bettors will be "wrong" (i.e. their bet will lose) at least 40% of the time.

Be very wary of claims above 60% winners and realize that in sports betting there is no such thing as a sure thing. Better yet; watch the movie "Two For The Money".

MINDSET: I could care less?

Worrying about the outcome of your bets is the kiss of death. You are like the golfer on the tee of the par 3 thinking "Don't hit it in the water... Don't hit it in the water" when he should be visualizing hitting it on the green. Paradoxically, the less you worry about winning, the more you will win.

Unfortunately, some learn the hard way they are just not "hard-wired" that way. Better then to turn the whole task over to a professional.

So... Why Me?

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