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Glossary: Abbreviations and Lingo

At times, I have my own vocabulary.

further suggestions?

Abbreviations Used on the Site

AD: Away Dog
AF: Away Favorite
AFD: Away Field Disadvantage
AG: Away Game
ATS: Against the Spread
BC: Back Court
BF: In CFB, a Big Favorite ( >21 points)
BL, BW: Bogus Loss/Bogus Win; a game in which the statistically better team lost
BR: Bankroll
B2B: Back-to-Back
C: Center
CB: CornerBack
DC: Defensive Coordinator
DD: Double Digit
DE: Defensive End
DL: Defensive Line
DNP: Did Not Play
DT: Defensive Tackle
Fair Line: The line I would make if I ran a Sportsbook
FBS: Football Bowl Subdivision
FCS: Football Championship Subdivision
FC: Front Court
FD: First Down
FG: Field Goal
GBP: General Betting Public
GOY: Game-of-the-Year; In CFB, the game for a team that year
HC: Head Coach
HD: Home Dog
HF: Home Favorite
HFA: Home Field Advantage
HG: Home Game
IQ: NBA stat which measures a team's "smarts" with the ball. It's (Steals + Opponent's TO's)/(TO's + Opponent's Steals)*100
JC: Junior College
LA: Look-Ahead
LD: Let-Down
LOS: Line of Scrimmage
LW: Last Week
LY: Last Year
MLF: MisLeading Final; a game in which the Final score did not accurately reflect the actual play of the teams
Monitor: This means to keep an eye on the line as I think there's a better than even chance it will get more favorable
"NFL" line: A single digit CFB line
NSBF: In CFB, a Not-so-big Favorite (10 to 21 points)
NT: Nose Tackle
OC: Offensive Coordinator
OG: Offensive Guard
OL: Offensive Line or Opening Line
OT: Offensive Tackle, Opening Total or Over-Time
PG: Point Guard
PPG: Points Per Game
PPS: Points Per Shot. In basketball, a global measure of offensive/defensive efficiency = (Points - FT Made)/FG Attempts
PSPR: Point Spread Power Rating
Push Score: The final score that would result in a push (i.e. tie) for both the side and total
rFr: Redshirt Frosh
RRHD: Rested Revenging Home Dog
RS: Returning Starter
RZ: Red Zone
SD: Single Digit
Sloppy Win: an NFL game in which the winning team had at least 3 TO and more than their opponent
SU: Straight Up
SW: Sandwich; a less important game "sandwiched" between two more important ones
TO: Turnover (not Terrell Owens)
TW: This Week
TY: This Year
YPC: Yards Per Carry
YPP: Yards Per Point
Y/P: Yards per Pass
1, 2, 3, 4Q: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Quarter
1, 2H: 1st, 2nd Half

Accountant from Sheboygan

The actual occupation of all NFL officials; as in "I'm going to lose my bet on a garbage touchdown because some accountant from Sheboygan thinks that was pass interference!?"


How bread usually lands on the floor when you drop it. See Straight Up.

Bad Beat

What most sports bettors call a losing bet. See "Wonderous Win".


Money that you have, that you can afford to lose, in an attempt to win.

Butt Nugget

A semi-precious gemstone sometimes formed under the extreme pressures of a prolonged Sphincter Spasm (see below).

Down and Distance

A shorthand method used to rate the current state of any romantic relationship. As in "Tiffany and I are at Third and 25 so I can't meet you guys for Monday Night Football this week". See Punt


What you were before you started betting.


A conscious act that involves the risk of material or psychological loss.


see Three Week Tour.

Lemming Line

A non-stop one-way line move that takes it's bettors over the cliff.


An acronym for "Master-Of -The-Obvious", this is a type of sports bet made on the basis of what everyone knows. E.g. Baltimore in Super Bowl 3. MOTO bets usually lose.


see Three Week Tour.


A verbal jinx first used against the movie's protagonist of the same last name in
"Caddyshack" in an attempt to influence a putt. It is now primarily used by sports bettors against placekickers and free throw shooters. The term is also a noun. If you don't think "NOONANS" can lead to noonans, then you've never seen a Florida State - Miami game.


The brief instant of time in which one play can turn what looked like a winning bet into a loser.


What you do when your relationship is at Fourth and Forty.

Push Score

The final score that would result in "pushes" (ties) on the side and total of a given game.

Seven Watt Light Bulb

A hologram that briefly appears above the head of a bettor during the ohnosecond in which he realizes that he's made a MOTO bet.

Sphincter Spasm

The "posterior" muscle contraction that accompanies the psychological stress of sweating out a close bet (see Butt Nugget).


Pronounced "sfink-tom-i-ter", it's a device used to grade the degree of sphincter spasms: Mild, Moderate and Severe.

Straight Up

How I like my "Maker's Mark".

The Three Hour Tour

What you take when you make a bet on a football, basketball or baseball game.


see Three Week Tour.

Three Week Tour

What I take every week to assess motivation in College Football. For each team every week, one of three games will be the most important; either THIS game, LAST game or NEXT game. I only bet THIS game teams and look to bet against LAST and NEXT teams.

Tier 1

The "Perennial Powerhouse"; a BCS conference team that begins every year in contention for the NC (e.g. LSU, Ohio St, USC). They usually offer excellent value as an underdog of 3 or more because they never expect to lose. On the flip side, they're often a BF and if not fully focused (e.g LA, LD, SW) are too complacent to cover.

Tier 2

The "Part-time Powerhouse"; a middle-of-the-pack BCS team having a great year (e.g. Boston College 2007) or a mid-major team having an exceptional year (e.g. Boise St 2006). A rare BF, they have trouble covering these spreads because of over-confidence. Value is as a Not-so-Big (or rarely Big) Underdog; although not expecting to win all the time, they are insulted when "predicted" to be blown out.

Tier 3

The "Wanna-Be's"; bottom-half BCS (e.g. Vanderbilt, Kansas St) or good mid-major and small conference teams (e.g. Nevada, Navy, C Michigan). Usually bad news as > SD favorites. Good value as TD or less favorite over a team they expect to beat or as Big Underdog because they at least expect to be competitive.

Tier 4

The "Charlie Brown" Teams: Robert Ross' term for the "lovable losers"; these are BCS and mid-major also-rans (e.g. Baylor, UAB) or all but the very best of the smaller conference teams (e.g. Sun Belt, MAC, WAC). With a history of losing, often terrible as almost any kind of favorite because they can find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. In the right circumstances, great value as David vs Goliath - remove any pressure of actually winning and they'll fight to the bitter end to avoid being embarrassed.


A type of dessert. Any half-decent sports bar will have them on the menu so that you can order one in the 4th quarter when it looks like your bet might be going south. A successfully delivered order will cause a dramatic fall in sphinctometer readings.

Wonderous Win

Like matter and anti-matter, this is the other side of the coin of reality from Bad Beat. Most sports bettors deny its existence; all their wins are the result of brilliant handicapping.

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