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Problems with The C-Word?
September 01, 2005

Before I'm misunderstood, I better get specific, because amongst the guys I hang with there are a few "C" words. For instance, a lot of them have a problem with Camping. Personally, I think camping is great until about 10 or 11 o'clock; then it's time to go back to the motel. But in this article I'm actually talking about another "C" word that guys often get accused of having a problem with; and that is Commitment.

While some of this criticism (another "C" word) is probably justified in general, there is one kind of commitment that many sports bettors in particular (regardless of sex) have a problem with; and that is a commitment to winning. Most say they bet to win, but their bets betray underlying commitments to something else. A few sports bettors, on the other hand, should just be committed!

In the "I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that one" category is the common story of the sports bettor who's been betting for years, but just can't seem to turn a profit on a regular basis. If this rings a bell, I have a little exercise for you:

Take out a sheet of paper and at the top write "Make Money by Winning at Sports Betting".

Now write down everything you have done or not done in the last year or two that is in direct opposition to that goal. Be honest, and don't censor your thoughts; just write them down. For instance:

* Do you make "heart" bets?
* Do you play hunches or someone else's "hot tip"?
* Do you bet for the "action" or to show off or to show somebody?
* Do you force plays to get even or because you're ahead or because you've "had a couple"?

Once you're done, review your answers and decide with what goal(s) these actions are in alignment. You will now have exposed your actual commitments with respect to sports betting. Do you have a problem with the "C" word?

I have no problem with people betting for fun, to make the game more exciting or on their favorite team; as long as they realize that that's what they're doing. They just shouldn't be surprised if they have trouble winning. Bets made for any other reason except to win are necessarily going to be inferior sports betting "investments".

In order to win consistently at sports betting, you have to have a commitment to winning; and only a commitment to winning. Winning provides me with all the fun and excitement I need.

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